Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Food Swap

It was sure a miserable day outside, but the swapping didnt stop! We had some great canned products that were offered like a orange marmalade, some peppery pear salsa, and tons of other great jams and jellies. A great suprise was we had homemade soap that was offered this time as well! And it smells so delicous!

This is my bounty from the swap, marmalade, rosemary, and 3 different variaties of soap!  We had a blast, talking about food, and the different ways to get more particpants involved, i have big plans for the future of swapping, but we need more particpants, dont be afraid to bring a friend with you or ask a question! We want everyone to be comfortabl and feel welcomed to come and swap!


October Swap Results

Here are some picture for you from the first foodswap that was helf in October, there was plenty to trade between the participants, canned peaches, pepper jelly, ruhbarb pies, jams and jellies, cake balls, apple bread and homemade oatmeal! We had great fun and hope for you to join us next time!

Happy Swapping hope to see you at the next one!