Want To Help Out?

We appreciate any help you would like to give in order to keep NFW Food Swaps going. Here are some things you could do:

Spread the word! Tell all your foodie friends about this wonderful event, blog about it, write an article, or print out some fliers and leave them in local shops. Share our websites with your friends! The greater amount of people who participate means the better selection for you guys!

Loan or Donate folding tables. Folding tables are always needed for swapping events!

Host an event. Do you have a large location that would be perfect for hosting a swap? A big yard, large storefront, grand family room with enough room to hold at least 40 people? Shoot me an email.


Donate money or food
Participation in our swaps is FREE but they do take quite a lot of work to put together and keep running smoothly. Any donation you give will go to the group organizer for time, marketing, supplies, & expenses but are in no way necessary to participate. We gladly accept food donations as well as monetary donations.

Donations are also accepted during the swap events as well, both monetary and food based :)
Thanks so much for helping make this happen!